The smart guy say…

Real programmers use Pascal!

If the above word is said by a pascal programmer, that wouldn’t surprising at all. But, if it’s said by a world-wide known C programmer, a master one, a kernel builder, a famous C-based open source OS maker, who programs in C almost every day of his life, then it’d be very much different. Read his confession here.

Linus Torvalds said: “If I wanted a language that didn’t allow me to do anything wrong, I’d be using Pascal.”

Now, you know that we are (pascal programmers) not lying. Even Linus Torvalds does prefer Pascal over C. 😉

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5 Responses to The smart guy say…

  1. WishKnew says:

    Jadi kenapa Linus tetep pake C, Bro?

  2. ik_5 says:

    You are wrong, he does not know Pascal. If he knew Pascal, he would know that you can go wrong, but you really need to know what you are doing to go there in the first place (Or just be a C programmer) 😉

  3. bee says:

    Udah kadung kali… hehehehe… 😀

    Ah.. I don’t really care whether Linus knows or not about Pascal. His statement is all that matters. And… I once was a C programmer before I switched to Pascal and never look back. 😉

  4. MeMe says:

    Mmm… mo mulai dr mana ya…
    Mmm.. i g tau ni salah tempat ato gak.. I mo nanya.. lg bingung cari eror msg PASCAL tu.. ga kesimpen di file apa gt kek?

    Mmm.. gini critanya.. I lg buat aplikasi pembelajaran online tuk sekolah..(I ngajar di SMU.. ) nah trus ni bingung munculin error msg nya gmn.. kasusnya gini.. klo uda ngoding.. di-compile.. klo coding na bener.. langsung kebuat exe na.. tapi klo ada kesalahan penulisan coding.. berarti compile ga sukses kan.. nah itu.. mo liat error msg na dmn???..
    (Klo pake FPC na langsung kan error langsung muncul d bawah.. itu apa ga kesimpen di file2 ttt??? –pake instaler yg ini.. fpc-2.0.2.i386-win32–)

    Uhhmmm… THANX A LOT…

  5. L505 says:

    Linus was bashing Pascal, not praising it. You have to read more carefully. He was saying that real world programming involves breaking away from structure at times.

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