Wanna share some little things…

Now I want to share my own made two little applications…


Still have problems accessing multiple different databases using bloated database client managers? While what actually you need is just simply to run some simple queries? I had! That’s why I developed this little application called SatDB (stands for SatelliteDB). Never expect spectacular features from it as this little tool is made to do simple things, but with different kind of databases. If you’re demanding a sophisticated database client tool then I suggest you to use other (bloated) tools. Here are what you will get using this tool:

  • Access different databases from a single same client application. Currently it only supports IBM DB2, mySQL, Firebird, and ODBC, since that are all kind of databases I’ve been using.
  • View table list from selected database and view field list from selected table.
  • Simple export and import operation based on CSV format.
  • Run SQL queries (especially for data manipulations), of course. 😀
  • Freeware. Actually I want it open sourced, but some copyright stuffs prohibiting me. 😦

You can download SatDB v.1.6 from here. And here’s the screenshot:



After Firebird release its v.2.0, I got some problems using different versions of FB within a single machine. While I still need the v.1.5 for (my) old applications, I also need v.2.0 for developing new applications. Or, sometimes I need to make sure my application will compatible with both versions. So, I developed this tiny tool called FB Multistarter (FBMS). Here are what you will get using this tool:

  • Easy switch from FB v.1.5 to v.2.0, or vice versa, with just a few clicks on a tray icon.
  • I’ve just added a new feature to run both versions together. But first you have to make sure each version is using different port (see the FB config file).
  • Free open source application.


  • To compile the source, you need MaxOneInstance component from MaxComponents that can be taken from here.
  • I installed Firebird from the zipped packages, not from the installer. FB’s zipped package contains batch files to start/stop the server, instead of Control Panel applet. If you install it from the installer, you can find the required batch files inside the FBMS zipped package. Extract the batch files into appropriate Firebird’s /bin folder. Never activate or deactivate FB server from Control Panel applet if you’re using this tool!

You can download FBMS v.0.1 from here. And here’s the screenshot:


Both SatDB and FBMS are build using -of course- Delphi. SatDB is build using Delphi 7 utilizing dbExpress technology, while FBMS is build using Turbo Delphi Explorer. 😉

10 Responses to Wanna share some little things…

  1. bee says:

    To know more what SatDB can do, explore the right-click features. Lots of features are hidden beneath each control’s pop-up menu. I just want to make its UI at the simplest shape. 😉

  2. satu kata: muantap

  3. Kecret says:

    Dua Kata : Huebat Tenannnnn …………

  4. Imunk says:

    Tiga Kata: Emang siiiiiiippp deeehhhh…….

  5. WishKnew says:

    Empat kata: Bedanya ama SQL Explorer?

  6. bee says:

    Empat kata juga: Gak perlu install BDE. 😀

  7. zims says:

    kok gak bisa di downloads????

  8. bee says:

    Ah… lupa kalo gak bisa direct link, harus buka halamannya dulu, baru bisa diunduh. Udah diperbaiki, silakan dicoba lagi. Maklum, masih pake hosting gratisan. 😀

  9. donie says:

    bro simba boleh donk bagi2 trik yg firebird multystarternya, he he. soalnya kjadian nih yg lama pak 1.5 trus instal embeded 2.1 msalah trus

  10. Saysansay says:

    om bee..Krenz…Kenapa ga pake lazarus aja…Ditunggu yang competibel sama unix….

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