The Winner

Master of Ceremony: “Ladies and gentlemen… please welcome… Niklaus Wirth“.
  The audiences applause.
Niklaus Wirth: “Some computer languages are technically known have an almost perfect design and concept. However, they aren’t always successful in the software industry for some reasons. Because of the unpopularity, most programmers consider those languages as obsolete or niche. Still, they can’t objectively deny the fact that those languages have been designed and enhanced very well by their creators.”
  Mr. Wirth is taking a deep-breaths, then continue.
Niklaus Wirth: “Ladies and gentlemen, for Best Optimized Open Source Compiler category… the award goes to…
  *drum beats and background music volume is rising while Mr. Wirth opening an envelope* 😀

  FreePascal! Congratulations!”.
  The audiences give applause with standing ovation. 😀

Here’s the reason why the judges chose FreePascal:


 » The screenshoot is taken on 12, May 2007. (FPC v.2.0.4)

7 Responses to The Winner

  1. Florian Klaempfl says:

    Be carefull, this is only the memory usage, not speed, but we’re working on it 😉

  2. Florian Klaempfl says:

    I should read things more carefull, it’s of course speed and mem weighted equally 🙂

  3. bee says:

    That’s why it belongs to Best Optimized Open Source Compiler category. 😀 Thank you for visiting my blog. 🙂

  4. Bug Girl says:

    Um…where are the bees? 🙂

  5. WishKnew says:

    But sometimes in the real work.. speed is not everything. It is indeed something, but not everything. Language is a medium for programmers to express their idea. Choosing a language for a person is a personal, private, and sometimes so complicated things. Choosing a language, is a matter of freedom, freedom to express the ideas and how to solve a particular problems. For myself, a language must be expressive, otherwise it will be abandoned.

    I always remember Kongfutse’s words: Everything has its own beauty, but not everyone can see it.

  6. bee says:

    Yup, you’re absolutely correct. Speed is not everything, though it is indeed something. In this post, I’m talking about that “something”. 😀

  7. […] years ago, I wrote about FreePascal (FPC) as the best optimized open source compiler based on Computer Language Benchmarks Game (CLBG). Today, I look again at the game and, […]

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