Why not Delphi for Firefox?

Just an idea that popped up into my mind while I was browsing for a Firefox extension. Firefox has a complete framework for child application inside the browser (as the parent application), based on JavaScript/CSS and XML. Thousands of extensions have been developed, and the numbers continue to grow, from simple applications to very complex ones.

Then why not CodeGear just create an object pascal to Firefox extension compiler and IDE, say Delphi for Firefox? It looks very interesting and promising to me. So far I found none has done this, CMIIW. The only drawback for this, is the application it produces will be highly depend on Firefox installation on the users’ machine. But, who does on earth not use Firefox anyway?

Then combine Delphi for Firefox with Morfik. We’ll have a complete solution for browser-based client application, both AJAX-based application and extension-based application. Each has its own advantages and purposes. Then welcome to the true rich internet applications! 😀

6 Responses to Why not Delphi for Firefox?

  1. WishKnew says:

    Mungkin nanti kalau Delphi for PHP udah balik modal :))

  2. Idham says:

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  3. bee says:

    Hahahaha… aku mah gak peduli ini blog mau dibaca org apa gak, Dham. Yg penting ada media buat numpahin isi kepala dan hati. Kalo ternyata dibaca org dan syukur2 membawa manfaat, aku anggap itu sbg bonus aja. 😉

  4. Kiyat says:

    saya setia baca kok mas 😀 …

    Delphi For Firefox mantabs juga…

  5. Moon says:

    mas, klo buat plugin di firefox dengan delphi kira2 bisa g’ ya??

  6. bee says:

    Kalo bisa, saya gak akan nulis posting ini kale. 😀

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