Quotes about Mac OS

Here are some quotes about Mac OS that I ever heard of…

There are 2 kinds of OSes in this world. First is Mac OS. Second are OSes that want to be like Mac OS.

Mac OS: You know it works because… well… it works.
Other OSes: You don’t know it works until it tells you that it works, or not.

Mac OS: An OS that helps you get your jobs done.
Other OSes: You have to help the OS to make it gets its jobs done.

Never ask someone what computer s/he has. If it’s a Mac, sure he’ll tell you. If not, why embarrass him/her?

Do you want to know how many smart people in town? Simply count the people that use Mac.

Mac can do everything PC can do, and better, except crashes itself.

5 Responses to Quotes about Mac OS

  1. Epat says:

    wah sang Wali Mac menyabdakan tentang ayat-ayat Mac kekeke…
    kapan yah saya bisa pindah murtad dari windows (bajakan) ini? 😦

  2. WishKnew says:

    Narsisnya pengguna Mac OS :p

  3. bee says:

    Aku ada krn aku narsis. 😆 BTW, kok aku gak bisa komen di blogmu ya bro? Gw apa blog loe (multiply) yg dodol? 😀

  4. WishKnew says:

    Mesti login dong bro… baru bisa reply

  5. bee says:

    Ah, berarti multiply yg dodol. Udah tau aku gak login, kok gak ada error message? Lagian kalo gak login gak boleh komen, knp input komen masih bisa diakses? 😛

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