What’s love?

Love is a unique feeling and experience. You can’t define it. It defines you. That’s why there’s no final definition what #love is exactly.
Sun Feb 19 2012 – 14:36:53

Love affects each of us differently. We response #love differently as well. When two loves collide, the beauty of it is starting to bloom.
Sun Feb 19 2012 – 14:42:59

It’s not necessarily always a joy experience. Sometimes it brings pains and sorrow. But somehow we still feel it as a wonderful experience.
Sun Feb 19 2012 – 14:46:52

Some kinds of #love are eternal. Some others are short-lived. Nobody knows which is better. Sometimes love is just it. Unexplainable.
Sun Feb 19 2012 – 14:55:19

While science is still trying hard to understand consciousness, #love is another big mistery of life. And nature.
Sun Feb 19 2012 – 14:59:23

What’s #love? Why is there love? Do we really need it? Is it really special? Find the answer within yourself. Everyone has their own answer.
Sun Feb 19 2012 – 15:06:34

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