tuhan; Enda Nasution; Priyadi;; Tyo Gombal; Ndoro Kakung; Aip Top; Dudi Gurnadi; Edo; WishKnew; Pemimpi; si Idham; Gazebo; Irdix; Jakfar; Mogi; si Mbok; Zeal;


detik Biggest and most famous news portal in Indonesia.
NewScientist Multiscience news portal.
Torry Biggest portal for Delphi components, some also for Free Pascal or Lazarus.
About Delphi Biggest portal for Delphi resource (code samples, articles, tips and tricks, etc).
Firebird News FirebirdSQL related news portal.
Sinema ID Review menarik dan independen terhadap film2 Indonesia.


WordPress Free blog service for WordPress fans.
Asia Blogging Asian bloggers community and portal.
Delphi Newsgroup International Delphi developers community via Google news reader.
Delphindo Indonesian Delphi developers community, on Yahoo! mailing list.
delphi-id Indonesian Delphi developers community on forum.
100kata Short story collections with duration of 100 words.
80-an Indonesian 80’s teenagers community. Of course, they’re no longer teenagers by now. 😛


WordPress The best free open source PHP-based blog engine.
Delphi CodeGear’s (was Borland) professional IDE for Object Pascal on Windows.
Free Pascal Multiplatform free open source 32 and 64 bit modern Pascal compiler. » wiki
Lazarus Free open source IDE for Free Pascal compiler.
ZeosLib Multidatabase component for Delphi and Free Pascal.
Pascal Server Pages PSP or Powerful Web Utility is free open source CGI programming framework build using object pascal.
Morfik Multiplatform output web application development environment (framework and IDE).
FirebirdSQL Multiplatform relational database engine, developed from open sourced Borland’s Interbase 6.0.
PostgreSQL Another multiplatform relational database engine.
W3 School Web standard learning and resources.
Language Shootout Head-to-head performance benchmark and comparison among compilers from various computer languages (mostly free or open source compilers).


Brawijaya University Indonesia state university on Malang.
UPPTI.UB IT unit of Brawijaya University.
Jardiknas National Education Networks of Ministry of Education of Indonesia.

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