#boycottapple is Stupid

July 8, 2012

Don’t bother defending Apple because no matter what you say -fact/not- you’ll still be accused as a fanboy who’s drinking too much kool-aid.
Sun Jul 08 2012 – 03:39:11 [+7hr]

In fact, I think both sides -the Apple haters and the lovers- are drinking too much kool-aid of their own. Just different brand. :p
Sun Jul 08 2012 – 03:42:37 [+7hr]

Apple is not all that right, but it’s not all that wrong either. Just like the other companies. It’s just because Apple is the biggest now.
Sun Jul 08 2012 – 03:45:46 [+7hr]

That’s why Apple got all the attention and the fingers. Also, the love. Well, that’s the risk of being success. And Apple knows that. 🙂
Sun Jul 08 2012 – 03:48:04 [+7hr]

So, I think the #boycottapple on Google+ or Twitter is simply stupid. Because the real problem is in the system, not with Apple per sè.
Sun Jul 08 2012 – 03:52:55 [+7hr]